How it works

Please have a thorough readthough so you can discover and understand why FireWipe is the ultimate must have application for every smartphone user!





* Remote Wipe by ID

Wipe your friends or partners remotely in emergency situations!

* Set 2 range wipe function and strengthen security!

* Rate our app and show the community we wipe with Fire!

* Share your feedback with our team, and help perfect our product.

* Connect with your friends and network and share FireWipe with the world!

Emergency situations

FireWipe is designed to be used in high risk and emergency situations. Its custom enhanced to perform quick and effecient data wipes off your android device.

The crafty manner

Here is how the magic happens. FireWipe uses a customly adaptable password based on the amount of characters you set up.

Lock screen function

FireWipe is carefully designed to perform a unique task. It has the amazing possibility to erase all the files, data and passwords on your device from the comfort of your locked screen with use of a unique password in a crafty and innovative manner.

Easy setup

Choose the amount of characters you wish to use for your wipe functionality.

Remember the amount of characters used, and wipe at your convenience.

Minimum Hardware requirements.

FireWipe runs on the most simple and low spec type of devices, our application can be installed and used on any android devices!

Important note: Always make a backup copy of your data and files before making use of FireWipe. 

Essence and Explanation.

The setup of you password used to wipe your device is based on the amount of characters u select. This means you only need to remember a simple number instead of a whole password to activate the wipe function. Because of the way the functionality is setup you can also relax and forget to fear of someone ever trying to guess or brute force your password! Your safety is ensured in the secret amount of characters chosen. The amount of characters chosen is information which is exclusive to your knowledge. This diminishes the need of memorizing a password but in turn increasing the speed regarding the input of a password in an emergency situation at the same time.

The following explaintory provided in simple steps:

Choose the amount of characters you wish to use for your password. Remember the amount used.  In a panic situation press the amount of characters chosen, and your device will erase it self.

Security Tips

Be careful with your real life identity online.Keep your location option off.Always use a VPN connection for all internet related purposes.When using apps such as Signal(or Whatsapp etc) which require sms verfication. Please use a different number from the number which is used on the phone on which you are using for such apps as signal(or Whatsapp).

“Why buy new expensive encrypted phones if you can get the same security through our data wiping application?”




FireWipe takes care of your security in such a way that you would only need to enter a random password based on the amount of characters you’ve chosen within your setup. After that, FireWipe will make sure all the files, data, keys and passwords are wiped from your device (factory reset)

Easy setup

Make sure your device is encrypted before using FireWipe! 

To check this for android devices head over to settings > encryption & credentials > Encrypt phone and check if it shows Encrypted underneath.

For samsung devices go to settings > biomatrics & security and enable secure startup.

After you ensured the encryption of your device is on, head on over to the google play store.

Download FireWipe, install FireWipe and give FireWipe permission.

After that, just set up your password by simply choosing the desired amount of characters

you want to use for your password and you’re ready to go. It’s as simple as that!

*Note that all android devices with version 6.0.0 and above are provided with the needed encryption by default.

Works on every android


Please read our explanations thoroughly so you can discover and understand why FireWipe is the ultimate must have application for every smartphone user who is aware of their security vulnerabilities.